Commissions opening in August!
ATM I only take on Vtuber Models and Commercial use art!
For corporate work please reach out via here!

Term of Services

  1. I take models on an application basis and will pick models I feel best suits my style, skill and schedule.

  2. I accept payments in 1/2 and 1/3, I require at least 1/2 payment.

  3. I will be requiring the full payment before I send the PSD file out.

  4. Please have a completed image of your character's design/reference ready for the submission. A chibi or rough sketch with base colors are fine. I do not accept AI art references. I do not design models.

  5. If you want me to make big changes from your reference I will be charging a design fee.

  6. After 4 sketch revisions I will be charging a fee.

  7. If you ask for changes after the sketch I will be charging for them.

  8. You are not allowed to sell any parts of the model nor are you allowed to sell any part of it as NFT's or AI art.

  9. You are not allowed to alter any layers in the PSD file.

  10. If the client is giving me a hard time I have every right to stop the commission and to refund the client at any time.

  11. I require at least a 1-2 week window to work on your model. This window will only begin when I start working on your model.

  12. I have every right to decline any request that I am uncomfortable with.

  13. I will not be changing my art style I will only draw in my style.

  14. You must credit me on at least one of your social media platform.

  15. I do not accept any refunds.

  16. I will give a timeframe of 2 weeks for the client to pay for the last invoice after that I will be charging $50 for every day thats late.

  17. By paying for the model you agree to all my terms and services.

Additional costs

  • $30 animal ears

  • $40 animal tail

  • $15 tongue toggle

  • $15 cat mouth toggle

  • $80 simple pet

  • $150 detailed pet

  • $80 arm toggle

  • $100 wings

  • $150 new hairstyle

  • $150 coochie and nipplets

  • $500 new outfit

  • $100+ outfit design

  • $150 Weapon

  • $50-100 design complexity

  • +50% model price for corporate models

Half Body$1200+16 Expressions, Naked Body Base, Png & Psd File
Full Body$1600+16 Expressions, Naked Body Base, Png & Psd File

Prices are base prices only and can increase due to design complexity

Additional info

  • Prices does not include rigging.

  • Price listed are for indie vtubers. Corporate pricing will be different. For corporate models please dm me for more info.

  • Each model comes with free 150 filters assets. Expressions are free. You can choose up to 16 already made expression stickers. You can view them here!

  • Riggers I like to work with: Anais,Zettha,Momo,Bogi, Shuwa

  • Model size is around 9000px and 350 DPI

  • Each Model usually has around 500-800 layers.

  • Before opening commissions to the public I reserve slots for existing model clients.

✅ All Genders❌ Heavy Armor/Mecha
✅ NSFW Female Presenting❌ NSFW Male Presenting
✅ Humanoid Characters❌ Furries/Anthros
✅ Male Models❌Gore

Vtuber Model Examples

Commission Prices

Colored Sketch Commission
Bust Up $75
Thigh Up $95
Full Body $115

Chibi $100

Emotes $25 each

Boob Mousepad $250+ Includes Commercial fees

Reference Sheet $350

Polished Half Body $250+

Polished Thigh Up $300+ (reccomended)

Polished Full Body $350+

Backgrounds will be an additional $40+ and will be simple and blurred.

Terms and Services

  1. I accept payments in 50/50 or in full payment. I will only accept paypal.

  2. You must credit me. Do not remove any watermarks. Nor alter the commissions without my consent. You may not claim my art as your own.

  3. I have the right to cancel and refund the commission at any time. I will not accept any refunds

  4. Please be patient with your commission. I will not take any rush orders.

  5. If your commission has a lot of details and props I will be charging you more.

  6. Once I finish the sketch you must tell me if you want any changes, after that I will not be changing anything. However I can change colors to your liking.

  7. You must have a reference picture of your character. I will not be designing a character for you.

  8. I will be sending the file over via google email. You will not receive any physical item.

  9. You are not allowed to resell my art nor sell them as NFT's or be used for AI.

  10. I will not be altering my art style or drawing in a different art style.

  11. I require a 1-2 week window time to work on your project this window time will begin once I start working on your project and not when I add you to my waitlist.

  12. I prefer to come up with my own composition and poses for each commission but if you have a pose you'd like please let me know!

  13. Commercial use commissions wil be 2x the commission price.

  14. By paying for a commission you agree with the terms of services.

✅ All Genders❌ Heavy Armor/Mecha
✅ NSFW All Genders❌ Gore
✅ Humanoid Characters❌ Furries/Anthros

NSFW Commissions

  • Nsfw Commissions will be done on only in my sketch style

  • NSFW Commissions will be an additional 25%

  • I am comfortable drawing most things however I have every rights to decline a request if I am uncomfortable.

  • Please see my 18+ account StrawberrySuni for more examples !